Boo Flower Project

Introducing... the Boo Flower Project!

We had so much fun envisioning this Flower Project. Filled with all local blooms and foliage, this bucket of flowers is perfect for a fun and spooky activity!

But wait... spooky flowers?

How can that be?

Well the flowers themselves aren't really all that spooky. It just depends on what you do with them!

I have had these skull bowls (or are they vases??) for a couple years now. I would fill them with candy every Halloween - but this year, I filled them with flowers!

I started with celosia as it is the biggest flower and fills in most of the space of the opening. I also started with that specific flower because it looks like a brain and I thought that was funny lol. I then tucked in the black, almost velvet looking, roses.

I was able to make two different arrangements (with still more flowers left over!). I started the arrangements with the same base of celosia and roses, then I finished each of them off with different flowers that I had in my Boo Flower Project.

And there we have it! My very sp0oo0o0oky Halloween arrangements. I cant wait to see what you guys create, and what kind of vases you use! Thats part of all the fun.

Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

xo Rachel

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