Pinterest Inspo: A Moody Fall Wedding

If Josh and I were to get married again, everything would be almost opposite to what we had lol. Don't get me wrong, we had an AMAZING wedding and I loved everything about our light coloured, vintage, backyard summer bbq wedding, but... I had always dreamed of a September or October wedding full of fall florals and decor!

It is something about those deep and moody colour palettes that I love... but I also love touches of orange, peach and bright red added in.

So if Josh and I were to get married again, I would want it to be in October (and I'm sure josh would too? lol) because that is when all the best flowers are for this colour palette.

The following photos would be my "Pinterest Inspiration" photos that we (but really what I) would base our October wedding off of!

I would want a large arbour arrangement. Not this full on all sides, but at least one section of a very full arbour arrangement. This type of piece is what will make your guests jaws drop!!

Not only would something like this be amazing to look at, but imagine what it would look like in your photos..!

I would also want to keep the arbour arrangement the lightest out of all floral arrangements by adding in peaches, mix of oranges and soft greenery. This would help it stand out more and not have it be as "matchy" to the bouquets or other arrangements.

I would want two large arrangements that would be built in or on an antique container at the front of the aisle. These arrangements would have a little bit more of a deep colour palette, matching the colours I would want the bouquets to be. Having unique pieces like this is also something that makes a wedding day so special and unique to the couple.

Keep these little things in mind for your wedding day, having floral art like this leaves your guests amazed and I know florists love this type of creativity!

For the reception, I would go even darker with the flowers. I would want little to no orange in the flowers, but I would bring in pumpkins to give that pop of colour!

I think whenever you are getting married, own the season you are in!!

For example, don't hide the fact that its fall by choosing flowers and colours that don't fit the season. There are so many amazing fall colours out there to play with!

Now for food... this is when people think I'm crazy lol

Even when we have friends over, I cant keep myself from displaying food in ways like these photos.

It is fun to do and so pretty, that I cant help myself!

I just love the look of fresh fruit overflowing from bowls and platters of meats, cheese, crackers and deeply coloured fruits.

It all really looks like a work of art!

Source unknown

I would also go thrift store hunting for any cool looking platters and plates. I would want to find dark ones so it would help balance any light coloured foods.

And of course red roses and other deeply coloured flowers would be nestled in with the foods as well!

For dessert, I would do a small cake similar to this photo, and a table full of different types of dessert. This way everyone can choose their favourites and those who are gluten free or vegan have options as well.

Oh and again, it looks so pretty!

Now for what the tables would look like.

I love the sharpness of black plates and napkins, with a light grey table cloth.

In my opinion, this helps balance the deep and dark colours without it looking too Halloween.

Then I would want to have moss running down the centre of the table

(this would be so messy but I don't care lol. It looks so cool!)

and sitting on the moss would be more bowls of fruit and low centrepieces in the deep moody colour palette, with candles.

Now you may be wondering.. where is the bride bouquet inspiration photo?

Well, I couldn't find one! Because shockingly not everything is on Pinterest... lol

So I went shopping in our cooler and I am going to make my dream October wedding bridal bouquet. I will be sharing this on our Flower Friday's blog post.

See you then with my bouquet and a new blog post!

xo Rachel

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