Pinterest Inspo: A Citrus Wedding Colour Palette

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Hey! It's Rachel here :)

We all have been down that rabbit hole on Pinterest.... but have you looked for flowers for your wedding day? There is so much out there to choose from! How do you even start?

Well that is a good question, I don't even know where I would start lol.

There is so much out there that I love! I would want everything!!

This is why we are starting our Pinterest Inspiration blogs. We want to not only show you different styles and colour palettes through these amazing photos on Pinterest, but we also want to give you some tips and tricks while you find your way looking through Pinterest for your wedding flowers.

Hopefully these blog posts will inspire you to a creative colour palette, different ideas and styles that maybe you didn't even think about before, as well as (and most importantly) we will give you some examples of local flowers we would use to complete the look!

So here you have it, our first Pinterest Inspiration blog post.

Miriah will be taking it over from here!

I loved my moody, jewel toned evening wedding SO much, but if I could ever convince my husband to have another wedding (seriously, my dream!) I would have it at midday, in June, with a bright, citrusy, floral theme! I just love the huge, cheerful blooms that are available at that time of year!

When you plan your wedding florals there are a few important things to decide. What is your colour palette? In this case I went with coral, sunny yellow, orange, and bright pink. Then I branched out into blush, apricot, butter yellow, and lilac to make sure the flowers weren't too matchy-matchy and to soften it. Don't be afraid to use a lot of different shades and tones within your colour palette for more depth!

Another thing to think about is what are your needs, and what are your wants? Consider how many people are in your bridal party, will you have an arbor or large scale arrangement for you to stand under? Where else do you want flowers? Think about how much more celebratory things look when there are flowers on the food table, along your aisle, and in the spaces where you get ready on the day of. How important is it to you to have those things?

In these photos I also looked at whether or not the flowers were in season in June, I looked for peonies, roses, ranunculus, and snap dragons because I know those are spring flowers. Why not take advantage of what's available to me at the time- they will be better quality, a better price and it's better for the environment!

I tried to look for multiple styles and sizes of bouquets and arrangements, because by keeping my options open it means that if something is out of budget or not available, I'm less likely to be disappointed.

Can you tell I'm having a seriously hard time not planning this wedding for real?? Thank goodness for Pinterest for indulging my dreams!

XO Miriah

(links to all photos available by clicking on the photo)

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