Pinterest Inspo: Halloween 2019

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Halloween is really the best time for DIYs! I picked some of my Pinterest favourites to share with you as well as one of my own creations! Let us know which ones you are going to try and then send us pictures of your celebrations!


The 80's baby workout costume is too cute and super simple! Just need tights, a body suit in bright colours, and you could cut a pair of adult socks to make leg and wrist warmers. You could also cut the band off a toque to make a sweat band.

For the boombox, I'm sure it would be simple to make one out of a kleenex box!

This is for sure a favourite of mine, a little cactus baby and a lawn flamingo! Glue bits of white yarn onto a green sleeper and hat with some fake flowers or pom poms for baby. Mom can wear a pink body suit and ball cap. Cut a tail and beak out of a sheet foam, glue em on and wear leggings underneath! This would be an easy one to do with your partner as well, instead of a baby.

This safari costume would be perfect if you already own khaki shorts and white shirts! Otherwise hit up your friendly neighbouhood thrift store, pick up some khaki coloured socks and safari hats as well and wear them with hiking boots. You'll easily be able to find lots of different animal costumes for the kiddos at most stores!

This cute family costume idea will take a little bit of forethought but it's SO fun! Those little tacos can be made with foam cut in a circle, folded and stuffed with green, red, white, and yellow tissue paper, use hot glue to keep it all together and don't forget to cut out some arm holes!

Crikey!! Steve Irwin and a croc!

Pick up a crocodile costume from the store and get Steve to wear all kahki, hiking boots with tall socks, and a blonde wig! This would be an easy one to do with kids too!

Get yourself a yellow tshirt, some brown paper or fabric and cut into irregular squares, glueing them on as giraffe spots. Then take a big piece of yellow paper and cut the top into a giraffe face. Roll it up into a tube that will fit your little one's head and cut a hole for your face. Decorate to look like a giraffe!

Studio DIY makes the best costumes that look polished but are surprisingly easy to pull off! Click on the photo for the tutorial on how to make this space themed family costume!


Spray painted pumpkins make great Halloween décor if you hate carving! Make them extra classy by painting them all one neutral colour and stencil letters on to spell out spooky words.

This tenticle DIY is actually so simply, you can use two pool noodles, taped together with duct tape (build it into a point at the end with tin foil) and make suckers with tinfoil glued on and then spray paint the whole thing! Have it coming out of the sink, shower or toilet to freak out your guests!

These spider webs would be the easiest thing to make! Use black paint to dye a bowl full of Elmer's glue, soak some black yarn in it and then lay them on wax paper in the shape of webs! Let them dry for 24 hours before peeling them off and placing them on your shelves.