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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner... this means I am in need of a décor plan and I am definitely not complaining!

I have been loving the saturated fall colours lately, and I am wanting to keep it to a couple of colours and shades so my Thanksgiving decor doesn't become overwhelming and dated.

This year I am planning on sticking to a rust orange and a golden rod colour. This will keep things fresh and simple - that way our table doesn't end up looking like a kids thanksgiving art project.

Using kraft paper on the table is a fun way to decorate and means you can write people's names or food items directly on it. I like to do buffet style so the dinner table isn't too cluttered from passing things around and there's lots of space for a pretty centre piece.

The centre piece is the perfect place to display neutral coloured gourds and pumpkins ( unless you're like my sister-in-law who's from New Zealand, then apparently all gourds are called pumpkins?? ). I like to mix the gourds and pumpkins in with the flowers, greenery and candles.

Tall beeswax tapers are the perfect colour for fall, they add height and won't overwhelm your dinner with strong scents. They look great in brass or wooden candle sticks, or use pillar candles and wrap sage and thyme around them with twine!

I always think it's so cute when people hollow out pumpkins and fill them with a fresh floral arrangement. I like the idea of keeping it chic by using a dusty orange or blue cinderella pumpkin and seasonal flowers like orange roses, gold chrysanthemums and chocolate cosmos, with boxwood branches or dried foliage.

Layering different coloured salad and dinner plates is a simple way to elevate your table and then top it with a complimenting fabric napkin! I always like to keep a set of fabric napkins on hand for each season to save on paper. It's easy to throw them in the wash and have them ready for your next meal ( go with linen and you won't need to worry about ironing. )

I love the idea of keeping little ones entertained with colouring pages used as placemats at the kids table. Or let them colour on pumpkins with their crayons!

Host outside, weather permitting, and you'll be surrounded by fall leaves as natural decor! Bonus: no vaccuuming!

Now all that's left is to invite all your family and your besties over for the delicious meal! I vote we all keep it stress free this year by going potluck style so the cooking doesn't all fall on one person!

Happy Thanksgiving planning, friends!

Love Miriah

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