There is so much in life to be thankful for, but today (on flower Friday) I am sharing what I am thankful for in our flower community!



I am thankful for you reading this blog, those who support us through social media, who chose us to fill your wholesale orders and / or create for your wedding or event, those who recommend us to future brides and to who are inquiring about 2020 flowers!

You are the reason why we keep busy getting all of our locally grown flowers out of our doors and creating all locally grown arrangements.



Without you, we would not be here. Floral Support is based off of getting as much locally grown flowers out to our area, and the only reason why this is possible is because of the variety of flowers you are able to supply! Just look at some of our photos of our cooler from this past year, it never looked exactly the same each week!

I wrote a blog this past wedding Wednesday ( Pinterest Inso: A Moody Fall Wedding ) and as I was searching through Pinterest to find my "dream October wedding bouquet" I couldn't find anything on there that I liked, let alone any fall bridal bouquets that were created with flowers that were actually in season. So off I went into our cooler and created the bouquet shown below.

I am so GRATEFUL and THANKFUL that I am able to do that!



Throughout my years of working at my parents greenhouse and now at Floral Support, I am so thankful for all my florist friends I have made. All the advise and support that you have given me throughout the years means the world!

And of course, a super big thank you to those who have trusted me to fill your orders with locally grown flowers! I truly do love filling your weddings with local blooms and having you visit our wholesale cooler. I know this is the right job for me, so THANK YOU for supporting us and making my dream come true!

Thanks again to everyone, it has been a great year so far and I can't wait to see what

the rest of the year will be like!

Much love, Rachel

Our wholesale cooler will be open until December 23rd 2019 and will open again April 1st.

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