Wedding Floral Trends of The Last Decade

Its almost the new year, and a new decade!! I can't believe it...

This past decade floral trends have gradually made a huge change - as you scroll through you will notice the gradual changes. The difference between 2010 and 2019 is quite extreme!

It makes trends for really anything (fashion, decor, hair styles and more) so fascinating to me...

I got married in 2013 and I remember debating between the 2012 wild flower arrangements in mason jars and the 2013 trend of statement flowers - so we kind of did both!

We are so trendy lol

Floral Support started creating weddings in the summer of 2015, so the few years before we weren't really paying close attention to floral trends.

It was fun for us to research and find what started last decades floral trends and it makes me so curious to see what trends will happen this decade!

I hope you enjoy reading through all of Miriahs research on the last decade of

wedding floral trends!

xox Rachel


Weddings in the early 2010's were still following a lot of trends from the 2000's, but they were becoming more personalized and simple.

Colour matching and sleek florals was the main trend of this year.

Aqua, chartreuse and touches of black were huge colours for 2010. Having a sleek look with florals was the way to go with simple bouquets, usually with one type of flower in all arrangements.

By far the most popular flowers were gerbera daisies and cala lilies.

The colour matching and sleek look was also shown through slip style sun dresses for the bridesmaids, décor pieces that had "your colours" on them in some way, guest tables had colour themed napkins and table cloths, and the centrepieces were small and simple.

This was also the year that those super cute cupcake towers replaced the elaborate cakes of the past decade making self-serve dessert much easier!


The colour trend for 2011 wedding flowers were bright eggplant and sapphire.

Peonies, freesia, and purple hydrangeas were very popular, and the trend of using one single flower en masse continued.

Often brides would choose to have their centrepieces in pretty, unique vessels like teapots or hat boxes that held special meaning to the couple.

Beach and backyard weddings really started to take over, and destination weddings became extremely popular as a stress free option!


Weddings for the next couple of years would be dominated by inspiration from

Kate and William's royal wedding.

They moved from matching everything with bright colours, to a soft,

more decadent and fairytale style.

2012 was the year of wildflowers in mason jars, well actually, everything in mason jars

was all the rage!

Bright colours, and vintage styling were everywhere and long sleeved bridal gowns became much more popular thanks to the Duchess' stunning dress.


Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, which led to this big trend for 2013!

This year it was all about being one of a kind. Which is funny to say as being a trend lol

To accomplish this look, it as all about having statement flowers in structured designs.

Peach and blush tulips flew to the top of the list for wedding flowers from bouquets to centrepieces and even hanging from the ceiling to look like they were falling from the sky.

Playful and colourful decor played a huge part with this years trend.

Burlap also took on a whole new role, replacing ribbon, table cloths, and even

aisle runners for a rustic feel.

Prints for bridesmaids dresses, even different dresses for each bridesmaid,

started this year to keep in theme of being one of a kind.


2014 was the year that it was all about bringing the outdoors in.

To accomplish this look, large floral installations were needed. This is when walls of greenery and flowers started, as well as statement centrepieces with trailing greenery and large flower arrangements were brought in to make it feel like a garden party indoors.

Often flowers were perched on top of tall vases to allow for the large centrepieces without blocking the view of the guests.

Brides were no longer as focused on the hyper matching décor and colours, opting for a cohesive but more relaxed look. Pastels were very in; blush, soft purples and greens were everywhere.

This was also the year that baby's breath became a very popular budget friendly option and made it simple for DIY weddings.


In 2015, bouquets became more loosely styled with a resurgence of grandeur in weddings. Everyone wanted huge bouquets with lots of greenery and large blooms.

A new trend emerged with the realization that local product is good for the environment and for people's wallets. Farm to table and seasonal florals gained a lot of popularity along with foraged botanicals for a just picked feel.

Floret Flower Farm was a big influence on this trend with her massive dinner plate dahlias and her ability to bring romance to the entire experience, from seed to bouquet.


2016 brought a chic and vintage glam look to weddings.

Mason jars started to leave the scene, and more likely you would have seen elegant vases from antique shops and grandma's china cabinet.

Seasonal, foraged, wild and wide bouquets were all the rage in the style of the Dutch Masters still life paintings. The bigger, the better with flowers in the bright sherbet tones:

peach and orange and blush and salmon.

And along with the local product trend came heirloom flowers; carnations and chrysanthemums resurfaced in style, but in colours and new shapes that put tacky, grocery store flowers to shame. Long farmhouse tables became popular and that led to having multiple centrepieces per table, often mixed with bud vases, candles and pretty fabric runners.


Wedding flower trend for 2017 was to be at the top of the WOW factor.

Floral walls were still big this year, however they were made more budget friendly with deconstructed greenery. This style gave off a more vine-like appearance.

Suspended florals were still very much on trend as well as massive arbours covered in blooms, turning every space into a garden party.

Decor and flowers in an array of rich, moody tones became more popular and many bride wore a flower crown ranging from simple to lavish.

Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms were the top-requested flowers. Proteas started to also become a very trendy flower this year.

This was also the year that eucalyptus really started to pick up momentum for weddings, especially for brides wanting to keep things "in budget" and create their own arrangements.

Eucalyptus was either filling out all of the bouquets, garlands or centrepieces, or it was the main part of arrangements with touches of flowers.


2018 was the year of garlands and greenery down the middle of extra long tables.

These garlands were usually made of hardy eucalyptus. A budget friendly version was to lay either eucalyptus or Italian ruscus down the middle of the tables.

Everyone wanted to make a statement from the traditional arbours to circular, octagonal, or triangle arbours, dripping with flowers.


This year brought in a whole new look.

Think less Dutch Masters, more graffiti. Brides and everyone else are loving the dried, died, sprayed, graphic, desert and minimalist look.

Carnations, pampas grass and fluffy blooms give a cloud-like feel to all arrangements.

Bride's are opting for untraditional wedding attire: hats, capes, two piece dresses and boots, giving a more bohemian style!

A very popular trend is to include a lounge for your guests to relax in rather than only the traditional tables and chairs, allowing friends and family to mingle somewhere other than the dance floor.


In the new year, the wedding trends will move towards maximalism, along with the trend of sun-bleached and saturate tones.

Hanging floral and botanical installations will still be very on trend with a huge focus on using flowers as art.

(I couldn't help my self but underline and bold that to show how happy I am lol)

Dried flowers will come into play with the sun-bleached beiges; pampas grass, dried ferns, cotton buds, and curly willow to all fit into this trend.

Playful, flapper style will be showing up for the new decade as many people want to take advantage of the "new roaring 20s" theme!

Focusing on the overall mood of the event over trends or a matchy-matchy feel is huge. People want their guests to have a great time and to really put out good vibes for the day so they do what makes them feel good and fits in with the feel they're looking for.

A great way that people are doing up the long tables is to cover them with bud vases of their favourite flowers mixed with tall candles and other interesting items to keep it personalized.

Lighting is a big way to set the mood and a lot of people are choosing to go with coloured lighting for the reception to create a unique feel.