Wedding Floral Trends of The Last Decade

Its almost the new year, and a new decade!! I can't believe it...

This past decade floral trends have gradually made a huge change - as you scroll through you will notice the gradual changes. The difference between 2010 and 2019 is quite extreme!

It makes trends for really anything (fashion, decor, hair styles and more) so fascinating to me...

I got married in 2013 and I remember debating between the 2012 wild flower arrangements in mason jars and the 2013 trend of statement flowers - so we kind of did both!

We are so trendy lol

Floral Support started creating weddings in the summer of 2015, so the few years before we weren't really paying close attention to floral trends.

It was fun for us to research and find what started last decades floral trends and it makes me so curious to see what trends will happen this decade!

I hope you enjoy reading through all of Miriahs research on the last decade of

wedding floral trends!

xox Rachel


Weddings in the early 2010's were still following a lot of trends from the 2000's, but they were becoming more personalized and simple.

Colour matching and sleek florals was the main trend of this year.

Aqua, chartreuse and touches of black were huge colours for 2010. Having a sleek look with florals was the way to go with simple bouquets, usually with one type of flower in all arrangements.

By far the most popular flowers were gerbera daisies and cala lilies.

The colour matching and sleek look was also shown through slip style sun dresses for the bridesmaids, décor pieces that had "your colours" on them in some way, guest tables had colour themed napkins and table cloths, and the centrepieces were small and simple.

This was also the year that those super cute cupcake towers replaced the elaborate cakes of the past decade making self-serve dessert much easier!