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Florists, we're here to support you!

1. Pre-Order & Pick up 

We make it simple to order flowers for your next project with awesome wholesale pricing! Drop us a line at, we will set up your order, and pick it up from the auction on your behalf for no extra cost!

Once your order is confirmed, we will schedule your pickup time at our shop in Langley. 

*we recommend ordering 2-3 weeks before you need, or 1 week before your pick up date at the latest

3. Courses & Classes

Wanting to start your dream job in floristry? Our Floral Academy wedding course covers all the design and business fundamentals you'll need to start your own business or apply at a flower shop! 

2. Florist Newsletter & Account Setup

If you're a professional florist, you can sign up for our weekly florist newsletter where we share global and local updates in the flower industry, business tips, marketing strategies, lessons we've learned and anything else we think can help your business stay sharp and succeed!

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