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The Apprenticeship Initiative


It’s in our name - we are here to support others! One way we’ve been able to do that is through our Floral Academy. Our students gain fundamental floral and design knowledge; however, gaining further experience (as in any field) can be difficult. So! We’ve decided to come alongside those that have completed our course and support them through their first few weddings. Once designers complete our design course, we’ll be working right alongside them as they begin to gain true experience designing weddings. We’re calling it: our Apprenticeship Initiative.


We’ve introduced 3 different phases for our designers to work through, which will correspond to our 3 different levels of wedding packages.


As you think through your desired florals, keep in mind the complexity of your vision and the level of designer you are comfortable with. If you are looking for a simple wedding design, all pieces will be based on our standard recipes and designed by a beginner level designer. Intermediate designers are able to introduce more creativity, allowing for more personalization with a detailed wedding. Should you not be comfortable with either level of designer and prefer an advanced designer, the Visionary package will be the best fit for you. This will give you creative freedom to customize and work with the designer for all of your pieces, bringing your unique vision to life!

Aspiring floral designer? Seasoned artist? Somewhere in between?

Our Apprenticeship Initiative isn't just about couples getting married! It's about creatives too! If you're interested in working with us or exploring a job with flowers, reach out and we can chat!

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