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Our Team


Rachel Malowany 

Mother of Floral Support & Flower Whisperer

Fave Flower: I can't choose!!

Fave Season: Fall

What I do outside of work: watch Moana, dance around, play hide and seek (Mom mode activated)

Odd Obsession: The science of mold

Random note: I've only burped twice in my life.

We're all about local flowers!


1. budget friendly

Imported flowers can cost a lot more than locally grown, especially when flowers are out of season. By purchasing what's truly in season from our beautiful BC region, you can easily save on costs! Floral Support also increases your purchase value with our wholesale by the bunch pricing versus by the stem retail pricing.


3. support our

There are many incredible farms & flower farmers in our area that don't get the recognition their product deserves due to the demand for international imports. By valuing our local produces we help them grow and build our economy at the same time.


2. freshest quality

Your flowers are freshly picked from BC farms and delivered straight to the local auction where we pick up flowers every week for our cooler. With imports you have a higher chance of damage or aged flowers from travelling all over the globe, whereas local flowers have a longer lifespan, yay!

4. convenient


Whether you’re a florist or a DIY flower enthusiast, our walk-in cooler (right here in Langley!) is conveniently stocked for you every year from April till Christmas with a variety of fresh locally grown flowers. No hassle!

Why Local



How it all started...

Starting at a young age, Rachel slowly learned about the flower industry through her Opa (Abe Koole) and her Dad (Pete Koole), the owners of Apko Nurseries.


Apko Nurseries Limited began as a dream of her grandparents, Abe & Elizabeth Koole as they immigrated from Holland to Langley, BC Canada. Their first greenhouses was built in 1963 and assorted crops were grown. By 1984, roses became the main crop and through the 1980’s, Apko became known as a premier cut rose grower in the Western Canadian market. In 2008 Apko began cultivating hydrangea plants to complement its floral selection to their customers.


In 2016 Rachel started her own business Floral Support, and in 2018 her family officially sold their Apko greenhouse to Clearview Garden Shop.

And the rest is history!


Need a florist's touch?
We can help! 

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