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Ravenek Greenhouse Part II

I have always loved learning about how all the different flowers are grown. It is something that is so incredible to watch happening in your own garden, but when you see it in something as large of a scale as Ravenek Greenhouses, it screams impressive!

Both snap dragons and stocks are seeded in these plug trays and grown in here for a number of weeks. Once they hit a certain stage, they are planted in the greenhouse where they continue growing.

On the left you have snap dragons and on the right you have stocks. They are both planted in wire netting which is raised as the flowers grow. This netting gives support to the flowers when they are taller.

The lines running in between the plants are drip tape, which provides the plants with water.

My favourite is the stages of snap dragons.

Below are photos showing each stage until it is ready to be picked:

As we go into the winter now, John will continue to grow his beautiful snap dragons and stocks. The beauty of growing in a greenhouse is that you can continue to grow great quality flowers with the help of grow lights and heating. Who can say they can enjoy locally grown snap dragons and stocks in December? or even January? Well we can! All thanks to Raveneck Greenhouses.

Thank you John Ravenek!

Photo's by Ashley Michelle Photography and Sugar and Spice Photography

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