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๐ŸŽ€ C & P ๐ŸŽ€ Pastel Dream

We were so excited when we got the inquiry from this lovely couple!

The vision for their August wedding was a gorgeous pastel colour palette with tons of pink, purple, and cream with sage green. It. Was. Stunning.

And they were even open to adding other complementary tones. We love playing with colour!

The bride requested we use lots of dahlias in the arrangements, and we were thrilled! Someone who loves dahlias just as much as we do!? Crazy! ๐Ÿคช

We delivered the florals to the Fraser River Lodge located in Agassiz, BC. This is definitely one of our favourite wedding venues, with a beautiful view of the mountains. Where better a place to stand in front of and say I do?

detailed arbour

Their detailed arbour was supposed to be 3 peaks, actually! The original plan was to have an arrangement (full of dahlias) on each peak. But then one peak mysteriously vanished leading up to their wedding day!

When they informed us of this, they handed us all the creative liberty to create something special in a new style. We needed to reminage something new for the remaining two peaks. We think this turned out better than we could have even imagined considering the circumstances!

Detailed arbour arrangements are definitely our absolute favourite to design!

Showing up with all the flowers and materials, we built this arrangement onsite in the heat of the day! It was a challenge, but totally worth it! It's such a privilege to create outside in front of such awesome views.

We really love how everything turned out!

All the flowers we used in these designs were grown right here in beautiful BC. This includes all the gorgeous dahlias, roses, delphiniums, scabiosa, snapdragons, stocks and astilbe (just to name a few ๐Ÿ˜‰). And as per usual, the greenery was imported from California!

Wholesale dahlias were also added to the order, to place in simple vases along the aisle.

We think this was the perfect way to add more pops of colour to the ceremony.

The bride is holding a detailed bouquet, and the bridesmaids are holding simple bouquets.

This wedding really was stand out and it wasn't just their incredible fun colour palette!

This couple were so lovely and kind; totally easy to work with! It was really a positive experience from start to finish. They had so much trust in us, right from the beginning. From adding colours to their palette we thought would really make the whole thing pop, to their arbour readjustment and everything in between! We were able to hone in our creativity to build something truly unique and beautiful for their special day.

Wishing the best to C + P!

๐Ÿ’– The Floral Support Team

The photos were captured by Gurinder Paul of GSP Photography.

Instagram: @gspphotography_

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