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🌼 M & D 🌸 Wildflower Wonder

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

When M reached out to us in the fall of 2021, she had a clear vision of how her July wedding florals were to look: non-traditional, bloom heavy, whimsical and asymmetrical design, bursting with wildflowers.

She really wanted to embrace bright and bold colours paired with soft and light pastels.

We love when a bride is not afraid of colour!

She knew she wanted a custom floral arrangement for her ceremony and for it to be repurposed for the reception. The wedding was a backyard setting, so we knew we could really go all out for our ceremony installation. We ended up deciding on 2 floral pillars to frame the end of the aisle.

She requested we use as many varieties of flowers as possible and it was so much fun to choose from the seasonal offerings. July is awesome for this! We used zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, snapdragons, astilbe, chamomile, garden roses, eremurus, scabiosa, craspedia, lisianthus, delphinium, asters, stocks, yarrow, and statice while using little-to-no greenery.

The most beautiful wildflower aisle was planted in the early spring, and bloomed just in time for their sunny July wedding. This is the most creative aisle idea we have ever seen!

detailed arbour

Working with M was truly a wonderful experience, with the trust she had in us, and her creative ideas. We were so excited to bring her vision to life! She was so grateful and her joy and enthusiasm when she saw what we created made our day!!

This wedding is definitely added to our list of favourites weddings from 2022.

All the best to M + D!

💖 The Floral Support Team

Photographer: Metro Moon Photography @metromoonphoto

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