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Floral Support's Floral Wedding Course

Rachel here, starting off our first blog post of 2021 💫

We are just about ready to launch our Floral Wedding Course this March! Lindsey and I have been hard at work preparing this course for your guys and I can't believe we are about to make this a reality. When I first shared the idea of a floral wedding course to Lindsey, she honestly took idea and ran with it farther than I could have every imagined! Each class is packed full of information that we feel confident enough that you will have all the knowledge you will need to create and profit from wedding design. Yes profit!! We will be teaching everything from floral design, to colour theory, to purchasing your flowers, what to charge, how to budget and more.

Each class Lindsey will be walking you through and teaching you all the steps you will need to know in the wedding floral industry. I couldn't think of a better person for the job! I will be there to help you with your designs and answer any questions you may have for me.

I can't wait for you guys to meet Lindsey, I will have to get her to make an appearance on our instagram soon! Until then, this blog will have to do. Lindsey, take it away 🙂

Hi! My name is Lindsey and I have been working within the floral industry for many years. I started out at a local garden nursery in 2011, and there I discovered my passion for flowers, colour and design. I pursued floral training at UFV back in 2013, and am celebrating my 8th year of floral design here at Floral Support! 🎉

We have been working hard all winter, putting together something we are SO passionate and excited about: Floral Support's Floral Wedding Course! There is so much to learn in the floral world, and this course is about providing assistance and knowledge for people who are just beginning in this beautiful industry, and want to specialize in Wedding Florals. This course will span 10 weeks, and provide you with fundamental industry knowledge of wedding preparation, planning and the skills to design contemporary wedding arrangements.

Click through to see some of our 2020 wedding designs

This course comes with a tool kit starter pack and together we will discuss and share our knowledge of colour theory, elements and principles of design, types of flowers, the benefits of ordering local vs. imports, building a design menu and industry pricing.

Every week we will be designing something new, and you will receive constructive feedback from experienced florists, and awesome floral compositions to add to your growing portfolio.

Lets take a look at what you will be learning each week!

Week 1- Hand tie bouquet, contracts and invoicing.

Week 2 - Simple Centrepiece, mechanics and colour theory.

Week 3 - Statement arrangement, styles and creating a menu.

Week 4 - Posy Bridal bouquet, preparation and ribbon techniques.

Week 5 - Detailed Bridal bouquet, choosing premium blooms, and knowing when to stop.

Week 6 - Cascading Bridal bouquet, mechanics and calculating labour.

Week 7 - Boutonnieres, Corsages and Hair flowers, industry pricing and wiring techniques.

Week 8 - Garlands, Florist Book reviews and recommendations.

Week 9 - Arbour installation Pt. 1, Installation preparation and execution.

Week 10 - Arbour installation pt. 2, Delivery costs and vendor etiquette.

Click through these photos to see some of the topics we will be teaching!

We are bursting with excitement and won't be able to keep it quiet for much longer!! Keep an eye on our Instagram, website and florist newsletter for the chance to signup. We are looking forward to hearing from you and starting with you on your floral journey!

❤️ Lindsey & Rachel

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