Wreath Project Tutorial

Lets learn everything you need to make your own wreath this holiday season! We made it pretty easy here at Floral Support with our Wreath Project bundles. Each bundle will include a wreath base filled with moss, wire, enough Christmas greens, sticks and red berries to make your own wreath shown below!

Now, lets get started!

First step is to attach the wire to the back of the metal wreath base. Find the cross metal piece and twist the wire. Having your wire attached to this section of the wreath helps it to be more secure.

Gather up your greenery clippings. You will need enough just to cover the wreath base. I used 2 pieces of cedar, 1 piece of fir and 1 pice of pine on the top (white pine is my favourite!)

Wrap the wire a couple times around the bottom half of the section of greenery that was just placed, and the wreath base. Make sure to pull the wire tight each time!

Now it's time to add in those red berries, called ilex.

Place the ilex so the top of the berries are about half way through the previous greenery section and wrap the wire around the ilex (just like before with the greenery!)

Now its time to repeat and alternate between ilex and the white sticks!

Order of placing will go greenery, ilex, greenery, white sticks, greenery, ilex...

Keep going until you reach the end!

Once you reach the end of your wreath, lift up the first section of greenery and tuck in your final piece. Make sure to wrap your wire only around the pieces you are adding in and not the first section of greenery you started with!

Now you can clip your wire (still keep it long enough so you can easily wrap it tightly and tie it!) and wrap it around the back of the wreath base to finish it off.

And there you have it, your wreath is finished and ready for your front door! We hope you enjoy this fun little project and have a very Merry Christmas!

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