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Nurturing Budding Florists

We love to nurture budding florists through Our Wedding - focused Apprenticeship.

In our Wedding Florist Apprenticeship Program, aspiring florists blossom by translating theoretical knowledge into hands on skill, mastering the fundamentals for simple weddings.

Mentored throughout, they craft beginner - level designs in our signature standard style.

Similar to a hair design school, our apprentices learn to align experience with design, ensuring they grasp the essence of wedding floristry.

We distinguish ourselves by guiding brides not towards specific flowers, but to embrace a desired look and feel, allowing flexibility in local flower choices with out compromising the design and quality.

The key element we bring to brides is thoughtful guidance in decision - making, fostering an emotional connection with the overall aesthetic rather than fixating on individual blooms. Our belief is that the right atmosphere can be achieved with various flowers of equal quality.

Upon completing our program, students earn a well deserved certificate, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of designing weddings from inception to completion.

Join us as we cultivate the next generation of florists, bringing dreams to life petal by petal.

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