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21 Weddings in 2021

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Kicking off the end of the wedding season with some of this year's weddings. Twenty one of them to be exact. (See what we did there?) Take this as a little more inspiration if you said yes to your person recently. (Hint: swipe through to see more and click to enlarge!)

If reading isn't your thing, you can watch the Reel version of this blog on our Instagram!

Alright, let's dive in!


Past Pieces

Floral Support has partnered up with Past Pieces to create beautiful arbour and centrepiece arrangements all in one elopement package!

A & C - Summer

Dreamy, summer-y florals. For all you lovers of sunflowers, this is a palette worth considering!

Photographer: Robin Nuber (@robinnuber)

A & U - Spring

Red is truly a timeless colour. Just look at those Pieris pop! We're falling in love more and more.

Photographer: Taryn Stare (@tarynstare)

A & M - Spring

Your perfect achromatic inspiration. (The fancy word we florists use to describe "black" and white arrangements). Aren't those anemones eye-catching!?

Photographer: Rob and Mel (@shoeboxphoto)

A & A - Spring

Who says you need to match your florals with the season? This bride decided on classic fall tones full of texture and we totally love it!

Photographer: Danika Lee (@danikaleephotography)

C & J - Spring

Gents, here's some inspiration for you too! Go ahead, go make a Pinterest account and add this to the wedding board. We dare you.

Photographer: Simon and Tomasz (@simonandtomasz)

C & N - Summer

Biggest, most wonderful moody vibes. Something to consider: adding dried elements to your floral design.

Photographer: Jalen Laine (@jalenlainephotography)

C & R - Summer

It's a pastel pink and blue daydream. And who says flowers are just for humans? Our dog friend looks rather dashing.

Photographer: Maricle Kang (@mariclekang)

D & J - Summer

Don't forget your table and arbour pieces! They make your space feel cohesive. Like it's meant to be. Like some other people we know...

Photographer: Taryn Stare (@tarynstare)

E & B - Summer

Silver dollar eucalyptus for your picture perfect sage-toned bouquet.

Photographer: Carlos and Brenda (@purelifepg)

H & N - Summer

Colourful pops of coral and gold to remind us of warmer days.

Photographer: Esther Moerman (@esthermoermanphoto)

J & Z - Summer

Don't those burgundy ranunculus remind you of velvet? Dreamy.

Photographer: Mariah Martens (

J & K - Spring

Yes, this is second blog containing this couple's florals... What can we say? They have great taste. Just look at those purple blooms!

Photographer: Jen Newman (@jennewmanphoto)

J & B - Summer

A blooming lovely bouquet. See what I did there...? Because there are so many blooms!

Photographer: Kat Grabowski (@artandtheaerialist)

K & P - Summer

Thinking of something simple and classy for you and your party? These classically arranged bouquets are in what we florists call "nosegay style". (Just look up the history).

Photographer: Chris and Annika Knight (@chrisandannika)

K & M - Summer

Accents of blue really work! Don't be afraid of unusual colours.

Photographer: Kat Grabowski (@artandtheaerialist)

L & D - Summer

Florals in your arms! Florals in your shoes! Florals on your cake! This bride has an extra special flower from their time in Australia. Can you spot it?

Photographer: Blushing Bride Studio (@blushingbridestudio)

M & B - Summer

Can't choose a colour? Love the wildflower look? And how about wearing some flowers too? Now that's an option worth considering.

Photographer: Christina Meeking (@stinameekingphoto)

R & E - Summer

If you like the trailing greenery look as much as we do, ask for our Cascade bridal bouquet! Creates such a lovely texture.

Photographer: Taryn Stare (@tarynstare)

R & N - Summer

Do you love winter hues but hate getting cold? Just go for it! Choose those winter greens, whites and reds in the middle of summer...We ain't stopping you.

Photographer: Carla Elaine (@carlaelainephotography)

S & M - Summer

Let's bring corsages back okay? *heart eyes*

Photographer: Taryn Stare (@tarynstare)

Hopefully your creative juices are flowing! That's all for now :-)


Floral Support Team

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