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Our Favourite Way to Fill your Wholesale Flower Order!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Buying wholesale flowers for the first time (or maybe the first few times) can be very complicated, overwhelming and even a bit frustrating!

Not only do you feel you have to make every decision on what flowers you would like in your arrangements, you also need to figure out how many stems of each flower you will be need, how many bunches of greenery etc... Then you realize you have a budget to stick to!

We have always thought that this is the kind of stress that is not needed during your wedding planning. We want flowers to be a fun and gorgeous part of your wedding! Even leading up to your special day!

So, our favourite way for filling wholesale flower orders eases the confusion and stress of ordering and this way, you know you will stay within budget.

All you need to do is trust us and know that we will blow you away with your local flower wholesale order!

Here is our favourite way to fill your wholesale order:

FIRST: We need to know what colours you are wanting in your flowers.

"I am looking for blush pink, dusty pink, white and Burgundy flowers!"

"I would like all white with touches of yellow only."

Soooo many options (okay, blue flowers are kind of impossible in the fall...)

SECOND: We need to know what you are planning to make with all your flowers.

"I am making 10 centrepieces, bride bouquet, 2 bridesmaids bouquets and putting extra flowers around the ceremony."

"I just need enough flowers for 15 bud vases, please!"

THIRD: What is the overall style of your wedding? Any must-have flowers, or ones you don't want to see? Then send us your top inspiration photo/s.

"I'm going for a garden-y airy style to my bouquets. I don't want very many roses."

"Country, backyard wedding. Super laid back and more budget conscious."

FOURTH: Your budget!

For example: your budget is $300... $400... $500... before tax (don't forget about taxes!)

Keep in mind:

Some flowers are more expensive than others, but we try and balance out a couple higher priced flowers (garden roses, for example) with more affordable flowers (spray mums for example) so you have a lot of flowers to work. It also means you'll have a great mix of gorgeous locally grown flowers!


Rachel and Autumn

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