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Why We Choose Local Everytime

If you've been here long enough, you know we're all about local flowers! And we really stick to it because it's one of Floral Supports biggest company values!

Budget Friendly

Imported flowers can cost a lot more than locally grown, especially when flowers are out of season.

Take for example, the ever-trending Pinterest-perfect neutral bouquet. So dreamy, and so chic.

While it's true that imported roses like toffee and quicksand are unique in their colourings, there are ways to create this look with local flowers!

We visualise the bouquet as a whole, rather than focusing on specifics, and balance colours to create the neutral colour palette overall.

But we will admit that the Westminster Abbey garden rose is our go-to for this style!

Photo by: Taliah Leigh @taliahleigh

By purchasing what's truly in season from our beautiful BC region, you can easily save on costs. If you're buying in bulk, this also increases your purchase value with our wholesale, by the bunch pricing versus by the stem retail pricing! Score!

Freshest Quality

Your flowers are freshly picked from BC farms and delivered straight to the local auction in Burnaby. This is where we pick up flowers every week for our cooler!

Imported flowers have a long way to travel, so they are dry packed which means they come in a box without water! When they arrive, they must be hydrated properly (especially roses!). After hydration, that can be when you notice any damage* whereas it would be easy to spot on fresh flowers and make the swap!

With imports you have a higher chance of damage or aged flowers because of the journey they go on from one place on the globe to another! That's why we're cautious about relying on them.

Because none of these factors really apply to local flowers , they have a longer lifespan. Yay!

*More noticeable on lighter coloured flowers!

Supporting our Economy

There are many incredible growers and flower farmers in our area that just don't get the recognition their product deserves due to the demand for international imports.

We were lucky enough to get tours at a few different greenhouses over these number of years that we love to buy from every year! Here are a few growers we rave about and what we get from each:

  • Eurosa Farms: standard, garden and spray roses. As well as alstroemeria!

  • Ravenek Greenhouses: snapdragons and matthiola stocks (featured)

  • Blue Magic Greenhouses: hydrangeas, lilies, viburnum and hellebores (featured)

  • Van Gameren Flowers: scabiosa, ranunculus, and so much more!

  • Dutch Heritage Greenhouse: spray chrysanthemums and lisianthus

There are so many others we love to buy from of course, but that is a small portion of a very long list! We're also fortunate enough to live just down the road from Ravenek Greenhouses!

By valuing our local product, we help them grow as businesses, and build our economy at the same time. Not to mention, the quality is just outstanding at all of these greenhouses!


Whether you’re a florist or a DIY flower enthusiast, our walk-in cooler in Langley (and the online shop*) is conveniently stocked for you every year, March to December, with a variety of fresh, locally grown flowers.

You can find us at 4870 236 St, Langley Twp, BC V2Z 2S5 in our new shop launching in early March 2023!

If you're reading this in the future, we hope to see you here soon! Come talk to us about your upcoming event and we can show you all the wonderful, beautiful, local blooms in our cooler.

*full inventory not on website

We hope that gives you a little more insight as to why we stick to local as much as we possibly can. And seriously, the possibilities seem endless!


The Floral Support Team

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