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Our Booking Process

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

There seems to be two camps that people fall into (a generalization, we know) when they go through the booking process with us.

"That was so easy! So glad I can check the flowers off my to do list!"

"That was too easy... Will I ever hear from you again after I pay my deposit? No? Now what?"

So, let's go through the process. We'll explain a little more of where we're coming from and why we do things a little differently!

1. Inquiry Form

You know the one (hopefully... if not, it's this one). We think it's pretty great and honestly saves a lot of time and back-and-forth for both of us! We find the set price points a very simple but effective approach to getting the ball rolling. Again, this benefits the both of us!

Don't forget to send your top inspiration photos! Many of us have Pinterest boards full of inspo, but knowing what is the best-of-the-best in your eyes helps us a lot!

2. The Email Thread(s)

We're not going to gloss over the fact that we have quite a few brides inquiring for the same date or weekend and it's a lot to keep track of. So, chatting through your vision via email leaves a lovely "paper" trail so we can reference what you said 1, 2, 10 days ago. Or even what we said! Accountability!

We don't offer consultations for every bride anymore. We've found great success in understanding the vision brides have and executing it beautifully without ever talking in person. Oh, the digital age!

That being said, we will offer consultations if we feel it would be best for both parties (some things are better explained in person, we know). And if you request one, we are usually able to accomodate you, though more-so in the late fall and winter (November, December, January and February). Spring and summer are just full of designing and it gets pretty busy over here!

3. Finalizing the Details

We don't start the detailed paperwork until all the details are in place and you feel certain nothing drastic will change. These are details as broad as your colours and style to the placement of your arbour arrangement on your arch and if your grandma wants to wear a wrist corsage or not.

At the same time, we are flexible! Sometimes you really won't know if grandma wants a wrist corsage until a bit later on. We allow items to be added on 1 month before your wedding date. On busier wedding weekends (we'll let you know if we see your date booking up), if you seem to have all but 1-2 things you're uncertain about, we usually have you book in without those items and add them on later as we prefer you add rather than take away!

If you're really uncertain about most things floral related, we're here to help but maybe it's best to hit up Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration.

4. Officially Booking You In

Yay! You've figured out all the things you want us to design for you and maybe added a wholesale order on too! (Read more about our easy wholesale process here)

We will send you a few things when you confirm that you are ready to book:

  1. The detailed quote includes all of the details that we discussed in our email thread along with your top inspiration photos for reference. It outlines exactly what you have ordered, what types of flowers we may use**, colours, style, and special notes/requests from you.

  2. The agreement letter is a nice way of saying contract. You should read it over carefully, making sure it all makes sense and has all the things you want to order. If you agree to it, sign it and send it back so we can add it to your file.

  3. The invoice will have the deposit information in the notes which will be 40% of your total before tax. This is non-refundable (more info on that on the agreement letter 😉). The rest is due two Friday's before your wedding date!

And just like that, you are officially booked! It's important you pay the deposit and sign the agreement letter, not just one or the other! We will pester you (nicely) if one of these are missing.

**weather and other factors are why we are a little vague with our flower choices.

**This is because we only use locally grown flowers!

5. After Booking

What to stay in touch? Sign up for our wedding newsletter or our regular one!

Otherwise, the next time you will hear from us is when we send you an email regarding your final payment (Friday before your wedding), and pickup information (if applicable).

This may feel like a long gap to not hear anything from us (if you miss us, sign up!), but we promise we're not ghosting you! You have just done everything we need you to do and now it's up to us to make your flower dream come true!

If you need to get a hold of us about something (like grandma decided she wanted a corsage), just email us in our thread and we can make the changes.

Have any questions about booking with us? Something we forgot to address? Comment below, email us or message us on Instagram; happy to help!

Photography credit:

1. Jillian Nielsen Photography 2. Julie Rand Photography 3. Taliah Leigh 4. Kerys Alexandra

5/7. Metro Moon Photography 6. Taryn Stare Photography

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