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Pinterest Wedding Florals (on a Budget)!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

We all have gotten lost searching for wedding inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. There are so many amazing floral designs to admire and dream about, so what do we do? Save those photos for inspiration in hopes we can achieve the look for our own wedding, of course!

But what happens when you have your heart set on a luscious magazine or Pinterest floral arrangement that ends up being waaaay out of your budget?!

Photos from Pinterest

Most of the elaborate wedding arrangements you see on magazine covers and Pinterest (whether it is a large hanging installation, a flowing-flower-filled bouquet, or an amazingly detailed arbour piece), usually end up costing closer to your overall wedding budget versus your flower budget!!

Nothing is worse than a florist having to tell excited brides that their dream floral vision for their wedding is way out of their price range!

Photography: 1. Julie Rand Photography 2. Annika Brow 3. Jenzel Velo Photography 4. Metro Moon Photography 5. Floral Support

So, how do you get your wedding flowers to make the most impact? Start by thinking which parts of the day are most important to you in terms of decorative design. Is it your ceremony or reception? The bridal party or the guests? How do you two want to remember your wedding day through photos and memories?

Start off with your Top Three Floral Must-Haves. Choose three items that are the most important for your vision, and then work from there.

Choosing three focal points to emphasize like the bridal bouquet, ceremony arch and reception centrepieces will make sure your budget goes the farthest!

This also helps give you the biggest impact by letting your florist channel their creativity and design skills to achieve your floral vision.

Everything else should be simple and complementary, so they don't compete with your Top Three!

Beautiful wedding flowers are always conversation starters. After great the food was and how beautiful you looked in your dress (duh), flowers are one of the things guests will remember!

If you have a wedding coming up and you're looking to create something fun, fill out our inquiry form! We would LOVE to be a part of your big day.


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