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How To: drying your florals

Ever wondered how to transition your wedding bouquet from fresh to dried so you can enjoy it all year long (and beyond)?

Following these simple steps can increase the life of any bouquet or sentimental arrangement.

If your arrangement is starting to rot, take off the ribbon and separate the bad stems from the good. Compost your bad stems. For the best results, start the drying process before the bouquet shows signs of wilting or mould.

If possible, hang the flowers upside-down. This helps them stay perky, not droopy (like the roses pictured). Placing dry stems in a vase will also work.

To store your flowers, keep them in a safe and dry are. Make sure they are out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Also, keep your flowers somewhere where they will be protected and undisturbed by pets or kids. Remember dried flowers are delicate (more delicate than fresh blooms!) so once you have it where you want it, try not to move it around or handle it too much.

Wait about two weeks and check on them throughout the drying process. Once they have lost most of the moisture and are at the desired look, carefully put them in vase and enjoy!!

We hope this helped next time you want to lengthen the life of your bouquet or special arrangement! :-)

Lindsey & Autumn 💞

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