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How to Hold Your Bridal Bouquet

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Not all bridal bouquets are symmetrical. Each bouquet is designed uniquely and what may surprise you, is that bouquets have a good side and a "bad" side...Well, it's more like a preferred side!

What this means is there is actually a proper way to hold your bouquet to best showcase your florist's design. This is so you get the best visuals for all your photos and really showcase the design made specially for you!

Photo by Jenzel Velo Photography

Think about the style of bouquet you have ordered. Where will the flowers be placed?


These bouquets will typically have a bloom heavy side while the back will have less blooms and more greenery.


Similar to contemporary bouquets, one side will have more flowers than the other. But what makes it even more clear is that the front of the bouquet has the trailing greenery and/or florals.


Typically these bouquets are the most rounded, balanced and structured of all, so this likely won't be an issue for you!

Florists usually wrap the stems in ribbon and mark the back with pins when fastening together. This lets you know which is the preferred side.

That being said, every florist is different and will have their own style when it comes to designing bridal bouquets, so ask your florist how to differentiate the front and back!

To get the best photos of your flowers, it's all about the angles. A great photographer with experience will pay attention to details and direct you to hold your bouquet in different positions so you can showcase the fullness and design.

For front facing photos, hold it outwards from your hips and angle it forwards about 30 to 45 degrees. Make sure it's angled enough so that the flowers hide the ribbon wrapped stems. This way, you see more of the flowers than the ribbon and stems.

Note: The stems should be cut short enough where you can do this without the bottom of the stems touching your dress.

Upside down can also be an interesting angle for a bouquet when facing to the side or away from the camera. When holding your bouquet upside down, your photographer will likely guide you to slightly angle your bouquet so blooms are showing compared to just the underside of your bouquet!

All arranged florals are beautiful and every bouquet is unique to the bride. These tips will help your bouquet be showcased to its full potential in all of your photos!


The Floral Support Team

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